Denis Hochstrasser

Prof. Denis Hochstrasser is currently Vice-Rector of the University of Geneva, in charge of Campus Biotech, the link between the University and the Hospitals, Personalized Health and the Information and Communication Technology Sector. He was chairman of the Genetic, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Department of the Geneva University Hospitals until the end of 2017.

He is a Board certified physician in internal medicine & clinical chemistry. At the academic level, he has been Full Professor both at Geneva's Department of Human Protein Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, and at the School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science. He was one of the founders of the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, of the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology and of the Biobank Swiss Foundation.

He was also a scientific founder of Geneva Proteomics Inc, Geneva Bioinformatics SA and of Eclosion SA. He was a board member of the CTI certification board for the Swiss Government and is currently on the board of Viollier Laboratories. His research focused on the discovery of clinical biomarkers in brain, pancreas and kidney diseases, on human toxicology and the development of proteomic & clinical chemistry related technologies such as clinical mass spectrometry.