MedCo: Enabling the Secure and Privacy-Preserving Exploration of Distributed Clinical and *Omics Cohorts in the Swiss Personalized Health Network (jointly with PHRT)

MedCo ( is the first operational system that makes sensitive medical data available for research in a simple, private and secure way. MedCo enables researchers to search for individuals that correspond to given clinical and genetic criteria all the while preserving individuals’ privacy with strong end-to-end homomorphic encryption. MedCo has been co-developed by EPFL and CHUV and this infrastructure development project focuses at bringing MedCo from its current academic prototype version to a production-ready and hospital-compliant version in order to be deployed and used in the Swiss Personalized Health Network


Nicolas Rosat (SPHN) & Jean-Pierre Hubaux (PHRT)


Infrastructure Development Project

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